Wednesday, May 20, 2009


When I was 11 I got tired of asking my mom to get my ears pierced, and being told no, so my best friend Karen and I took things into our own hands. We got some ice, a clothes pin, a needle and some thread and got to work. Too bad they did not have google back then would have saved lots of pain. Anyway after icing, and clothes pinning, to numb the ear she did the poke! Oh yeah and we had a half potato behind the ear to keep it from moving.
After my mom saw my ears with the thread in them she finally felt really sorry for me and took me to buy some really cheap earrings. About two weeks and lots of pain and pus later I took out the earrings and gave up on pierced ears.
A few years later I got brave again and went to have them done professionally. I even bought the really expensive gold earrings and hoped for the best. Two weeks and lots of pain and pus later I took out the earrings and once again gave up on pierced ears.
About six years ago I decided that maybe I could trick my body since it was older and maybe pull off a pair of earrings. I did not even wait two weeks this time, after a couple of days I could see that my body was once again rejecting foriegn materials and it was not going to work.
Not to mention the fact that while swimming laps with the masters in Flagstaff I turned to take a breath and pulled one of the posts clear out of my ear on the lane line! That was a sure sign to me and I have not even considered trying ever again.
Well my kids have always felt sorry for me and totally compensated for me not being able to wear earrings. They have pierced ears, and not just with earrings they have used gauges, pencils you name it. They have pierced noses, eyebrows, lips, chins, chest, nipples, tongues and probably other unmentionalbe places.
Why on earth would they subject themselves to this pain? I have not figured that one out yet to be sure. My son came home last week with "snake bites" in his chin and a thingy in his eyebrow. I have watched him nurse those holes with all kinds of remedies in including ibprophin. Seems crazy to me.
I did see a special on the t.v. about piercing places where they actually "hook". They put a meat hook looking thingy through trigger points in your back and chest to release endorphins. The people getting hooked said they felt really high for days after wards! I am wondering how they felt once the high wore off and they started feeling the pain from the holes???????????

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