Tuesday, May 26, 2009


There is a "game" tonight! You may wonder what kind of game, unless of course you have ever lived in Central America, in which case you would automatically know it is a futbal game, or better known as soccer.

What can shut down an entire town, tie up every taxi in town, and cause people to throw bags of pee and all other sorts of vile behavior, again soccer games. It can get these otherwise laid back totally pura vida folks fired up like none other.

All the cars are driving around with above colors on their cars, all the stores decorated, all the people painted and wearing hats and clothes. To say it is an exciting moment is an understatement.

We have acclimated accordingly and are totally into it ourselves. There are weirder traditions.

For example at dinner last week my 5 yr. old baby said that they had all, the girls that is, unbottened their dresses and buttoned them back up in class. O.K. so I was pretty cool about it and did not even choke on my food. Upon further questioning she said that the boys did not see anything because their teacher made them sit behind the girls while they unbottoned their dresses.

It would not be a big deal but the dresses button all the way down the front. She was very adament about the fact that the boys could not see them because they were sitting behind them. I was still a bit confused about why they would be doing this.

Yesterday my hubby talked to the teacher to find out why our baby was unbottoning her dress in school. The teacher explained it was an exercise to practice their buttoning skills. I don't know about you but we used little wooden dolls with shirts on them to practice our buttoning skills. I am afraid of what they will do to practice their zipping skills :)

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