Friday, May 1, 2009


My sister took a tumble and busted herself up good. She landed on her elbow and her head on the tile floor. Poor thing. The worst part was her son is here for the weekend and she is afraid she will have to stay in the hospital. She is there now with a lot of pain in her back where her stint is for her kidney stones.
I shared dinosaur chicken nuggets, gross, and now he is just playing waiting to see his mom. She had not seen him in two weeks and they were both looking forward to spending the weekend together. We kept telling her to just sit down and stop stumbling around. She is on lots of pain pills for her cancer and gets a little un-graceful at times.
For sure she is going to have a heck of a goose egg on her forehead. Her elbow looked like it had grown a golf ball under the skin. As my kids know I don't do well with gross injuries, so i just told Mom to take her in. Looks like it was just the bursae sack swelling, wow learn something everyday.
As for the head she will have a heck of a headache. Actually not as she is on soooo many pain pills we probably could have kept her home and she would not have felt a thing. The docs may have accused us of abuse when she had her appt on monday though.
Just glad I was here. When I decided to come out to work I did not really know how things would work out. "Man plans and God laughs". I could not work because I do not have as a state license. The good part is I have enough clients here in the valley to keep me busy. At least I have paid for my ticket. A free vacation is always good.
Then I thought oh good I can catch one of my sons hearings. I talked to his lawyer this morning and his hearing may be cancelled next week. Begining to look like Mom prayed me here to sister sit while she took her trip. I am going to make sure and tell her next time she decides to pray me somewhere pray a little more money into the equation.

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