Thursday, May 21, 2009


Did you know old karate teachers never die? No they actually go on to be cardio kick-boxing teachers because they just can't leave the karate behind. Or they can also become yoga instructors. One way or another they never leave fitness and teaching it behind.

When hubby closed his karate school down he said never again. He was done with karate and ready to move on to less painful things. So he has done yoga for a couple of years now after getting certified as an instructor at Samasati here in Costa Rica.

While I was in the states he took up "cardio kick-boxing". After doing a couple of classes with him I can see that he is easing his way back into karate. It is in his blood. He started karate when he was 16 and ended up with five black belts 20 years later. And of course lots of broken bones and bruises to show for it all.

The best part was free lessons for all our kids. The older ones all got to brown belt and the younger not so far. The thing is they are all pretty confident and that confidence shows. Well, usually except when my daughters' boss had someone guy come up from behind and grab her for her cell phone. That was another story, and my daughter is doing penance for that one.

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