Saturday, May 2, 2009


I had a blast today! I got to spend the day helping folks with massage and hanging out with old, by old I mean past, friends. When I came I was going to just work some corporate world massages at the local mall location. Thank goodness I did not sell out. Instead I contacted my clients of past here in the Valley and got to reconnect with them.
After being out of the business for so long it has been very gratifying to work with people again and help them feel awesome. Just love that feeling when they get off the table and feel like a new person.
Don't get me wrong, teaching people how to help others is great also. But this is just a little more "instant gratification" if you know what I mean. Brought back lots of memories of when we worked in Mexico on the house workers and helped them be ready to lay more block the next day.
The friend organizing the appointments for me also runs a non-profit that builds houses for poor folks in Mexico. When we used to volunteer and go down it was one house a year. They are planning on building six houses this year, cool!
Once they discovered I was a massage therapist, and specialized in injury prevention and sports massage they put me to work. During the day running around doing errands, all evening doing massage on the hurting people that were laying block, some for the first time in their lives doing manual labor!
Of course it was all worth it when you saw that little family being so thankful for that little block house and coming the next year to help with the next house being built.
Just thankful I could help out with the gift of massage and using my hands for that work rather than laying block ;)

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Sajithra said...

Beautiful! It really feels wonderful when the practice is also related to giving back to the society. I can imagine how great you felt!