Wednesday, May 27, 2009


My baby tells her dad that he has to call her "Princess School Girl". She likes the whole thing also, not just part of it. Everyday we walk her the half mile to school and pick her up three and a half hours later.

I was worried that she would get tired of all the walking and complain. She loves it. She tells us stories about school and we sing songs. Today the neighbor lady asked her how kinder was going. She told her bien and the lady asked how her Spanish was going. She said good.

Then the neighbor asked me how my Spanish was going. I told her awful and told her that the baby translates for me. She got a kick out of that and we heard her go into the house to tell all them about it.

It is great to see her making friends and forging bonds with our neighbors. When we go to school she is supposed to take a nutritious snack. So we stop in the corner store and pick up a yogurt, or drinking yogurt, or a strawberry milk for her to take to school. Every time we go into the store the store owner greets her and asks her about school.

She is growing up fast and it is good to see that she is not at all intimidated by living in a foriegn country and having to learn a new language. Today she learned the traditional Costa Rica dance and is excited to show it to us. Can't wait to see that.

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