Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I have realized that one of the main things I miss about no more babies, is no more baby showers! I remember with fondness the cute table settings, placement card holders and the great gifts for the party goers. My last baby shower was a doozy! My friend had it for me and there were the cutest baby shower favors as well as tons of pink clothes.

My friends had gone all out because we all knew I was not having any more children and had barely survived this one. Everyone had asked me what I needed and I told them all "pink clothes". I had been the lucky recipient of three boys in a row and was very excited to finally get a baby girl.

The fanciest baby shower I ever went to was one thrown by a friend in Flagstaff. She went all out, and I mean all out. She had cooked for days and had a huge spread of food. The games were a hoot. My favorite was one me and my daughter won. You had to cut a string the length of the mommys belly. It was so fun to see how short and how long some people cut it.

Here in Costa Rica we are always searching for an excuse for a party. I have been thinking about a party for my daughter once she is pg. The only problem I am having is, is it appropriate to have a baby shower for a surrogate mom? I mean we could all bring gifts for the mommy, as the baby will be going to Europe to be born and live. I have seen on one web site lots of gifts for moms, like pedicure sets and pretty pajamas and etc. I guess I will have to check on a miss manners site to see if it is kosher.

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