Monday, September 7, 2009


Today is Labor Day in the U.S. Here in Costa Rica we like to celebrate not having JOBS! Just kidding we really work really hard and like to celebrate that with a good old fashioned cook out. O.K. maybe not exactly the old fashioned cook out. We improvise. Pasta salad of course, but with no olives, can't find any today. Potato salad, with the no skin potatoes they have here. And hubby is out foraging for Polish sausages. Sometimes we can find them sometimes we can't, may get lucky today.

I just wish well to all who have a livelihood at the moment, and pray for those who don't. There is nothing as discouraging as being jobless, unless it would be being homeless. We have experienced both and I think the homeless one was a little tough. Of course we had a home, it was in the campground, and at least we had a job.

When we were first married there was no job and none in sight for hubby. He would go out everyday pounding the pavement to no avail. After months of this he finally decided to go back into the military. It was a last resort and to this day we wished we would have waited just a few more months. After getting out of the military it was the same old smell. No jobs to be found. We had two kids and number three on the way and he was flipping burgers at the King. It sucked.

Along came the post office offering a whole $9.50 an hour! We thought we had died and gone to heaven, until he started working there that is. What he did not realize was that he sold his soul to work there! Good thing he is free of government employment, finally!

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