Tuesday, September 1, 2009



Today was Dia de Negra at school. That would totally politically incorrect in the States I'm sure, but here it was celebrated. The really funny thing about this is there are no Negros at my daughters school. They all had fun dressing up as Negros and dancing though, and it was sure fun to watch them. My son-in-law was actually the darkest one there!

At the end of the dancing they did a little story about diversity. The little girl telling the story pulled a little black clay man out of a box. Then she said how the Negra was given arms and legs etc. and then she placed him in the chimney. Pretty soon from the back of the chimney a little dark skinned girl emerged!

Next she took a little white figure from the box and told about the blanca rasta that came out of the box. Then they put the figure once again in the chiimney and walla, the little whitest boy in class came out.

The last one really took the cake. They took a little yellow figurine out and guess who climbed out of the chimney at this point? You guessed it my baby! Now I was aware she was going to be in a skit at school about being Cheena. And I was aware that she was supposed to wear her regular clothes for this. What I was not aware of was that she was going to be represented by a little yellow figurine. In fact they called her "amarillo". There is definately a fine line between diversity and being thoughtful. At least Maleah was too young to get it. She thought it was great fun and never even saw the stupid yellow figurine.

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