Friday, September 18, 2009


How can you have seven kids and never, I mean never have the same problems with them? I mean really can't a couple of them be somewhat similar? They did come from the same gene pool, so they should think somewhat alike. But oh no, no way. They all come up with their own challenges and requirements.

My first born was perfect until the day he turned 16, and from there it decreased by about a year for each one. Then the teen years began and we were on high alert for the following three or four years. Of course it does not end there, it is just that they are "responsible" for the choices from that point.

The problem of course is that responsibility could make or break them for a lot of years. You sure can't tell them that though when they are in the middle of the growing pains. It's funny that they won't even listen to older siblings, who have had similar stories. Because of course theirs is just different enough to give them the excuse not to listen to anyone!

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