Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I tell you, between the U.S. holidays we continue to celebrate and the new Costa Rica holidays we now celebrate we have about every week filled with at least one party! Cool! Today was the celebration of the kids or Dia de Nino here in Costa Rica.

We started it out by a big party at school for baby. She had a blast and really enjoyed the magician pulling the baby chick out of the hat. They had tons of candy and arroz con pollo, her favorite.

After school we picked her up and took her to meet her niece and nephew at McDonalds, which she thinks the big M is for Maleah by the way, and bought happy meals and played in the playground.

By the time we got home she was more than ready to crash out for awhile. Then sis took her to the movie store to get her a movie that she is watching right now. Lots of fun for the day. Of course I still have the argument that every day is kids day.

Yesterday baby decided she wanted her hair in lost of braids. It took awhile but we finally got them done and they looked cute. In about an hour she was ready to take them down and of course being the meaney that I am I made her keep them in. She woke up this morning complaining about not sleeping at all last night because of the braids, oops.

We took them out this morning and she had curls for the first and last time ever!

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