Monday, September 14, 2009


Two days later and I am still tired. Of course last night I could not sleep because of big blisters all over my lips. You would expect blisters on my feet after running a marathon, certainly not blisters on my lips. It is a, or I should say my only, flaw. My lips break out at any provocation. It is really a drag and the main reason I quit cycling. With running I can wear a hat and only break out from really long runs, but with cycling no hat and constant fever blisters.

Other than that I am a little sore and tired in the quads, but otherwise none the worse for the wear. Rebekah said she is pretty recovered now also. I also have some chub rub I am still dealing with. For some reason I got a bad rash under one arm pit, only hurts when I sweat though, which is just every time I walk out of the house.

I have actually been asking myself, when do I say when? What age will I be done running marathons and crazy stuff like this? Will there ever come a day when I just hang up the tennies, bike shoes, or whatever and say that's it? I can't imagine that, but never say never.

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