Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I received an email yesterday that just blew my socks off. When we left Flagstaff three years ago I sold my wonderful massage business to one of the nicest girls on the planet. I had called my alma mater and asked if they knew anyone who would be interested in buying a business in Flagstaff. They knew just the girl and she was a student of theirs from Flagstaff.

It turned out I knew her soon to be hubby from triathlons and I knew the minute that I met Jill I would sell my business to her. I had worked 11 years to establish my thriving business and it was like my baby. I had already rejected two people who wanted to buy it, they weren't the right fit.

Jill and I worked together over the next couple of months to make the transition for the clients as easy as possible and she took over and off! Due to the economy she lost a few of the clients, but I believe we had a successful "takeover".

The email I received was from Jill. She informed me that she is battling brain cancer. Whoa! Another thing that I liked about Jill was her health ideas. She is one of the most health conscious individuals that I know. My first thoughts were if she can get it, we are all pretty much dead.

I went and checked out her blog and what an inspiration she is. She has managed to run, and bike through chemo, radiation and all that goes with that. They did brain surgery on her and she had 38 stitches in her head, then on with the cooking. What a strength she is to everyone lucky enough to know her. I for one feel very lucky to be counted as one of Jills' friends and will certainly be praying for her recovery and return to health and of course to the clients who are probably missing her something terrible.

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