Thursday, September 3, 2009


I have been tossing around the idea of homeschooling the baby next year. She went to pre-kinder this year and has learned her Spanish very well. She can pretty much communicate with anyone who talks to her and even says her prayers in Spanish now. That was the goal with sending her. Now that she understands what they are saying I feel compelled to take her out of school.

Part of it is I have taught all six of my other children to be patriotic. I love America and have taught and worked hard to instill this patriotism in all of my children. When I watched her the other day pledging allegiance to the Costa Rican flag I realized this is not what I wanted for her.

I have also been working with her on reading and she is getting a little confused. I feel strongly that she needs to learn to read in English before moving on to Spanish. I also want her to take Mandarin lessons and we don't have time with her schedule right now. I want her to take dance classes and swimming lessons, again no time with her school schedule what it is right now.

The draw back was that she is the baby and therefore has no one to play with during the day when her niece is in school. I guess we will just have to keep her so busy with school work, which she really loves by the way, that she does not miss her friends.

I have not told her that we are considering keeping her home next year and am not sure how she will feel about it, but we will wait until school is over for this year in Dec. Pre-kinder is fun and I want her to enjoy dancing and playing and coloring all she can before she actually has to start working on learning to read. That is said tongue in cheek, because she begs me for reading lessons everyday. This will be fun!

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