Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I know I have blogged about this before, but I really can't get over this wet season. This is our third wet season, and I can't even call it wet. After our first year here we all voted and decided we would always leave for the month of October. It is notoriously the wettest of the wet months. Now here we are with no rain. Once in awhile some mists, but no big rainfall. In fact we have only gotten caught in the rain one time this year. Even with running and training for the marathon, only once in the rain.

This is a great thing right now. In a few months it will be a real drag. In other words we will be having rolling blackouts all dry season. What this means is they will decide what hours they want to black out the whole darn country and blink, everything goes out. Of course they don't do it during the day when you actually have light. Oh no they do it in the night when you really need the light. In fact they don't even do it in the middle of the night when people are sleeping. They usually do it when everyone is just starting dinner.

More than once my son would bring dinner to his friends house. We had a little gas stove the first year we were her, so when electric went out, we could still cook. We were going to get a 7% break on our electric, which has doubled in the past two years, but ICE decided they really could not afford that!

We spend about $45.00 a month on electric. I know this sounds cheap to those of you who pay heating or cooling bills, but consider this. We have no hot water, just on demand heaters on the showers. We have no dishwasher, no drier and no heating or cooling. When you consider all that doesn't that sound a little high?

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