Thursday, September 10, 2009


I am so ready to get moving and get to the beach! Mostly ready to run the hard earned marathon. We feel ready and have done the training necessary, now we just pray and keep our fingers crossed that the old body will cooperate and kick in when necessary. Which would be the whole 26.2 miles of course.

Since I am a little bored and a lot anxious I have reverted to my old self and started making lists. I have our food list, complete with menu for the whole trip. I have my clothing list, which should be simple, running shoes, socks, shorts, shirt and hat. I just like making lists. I also have the massage list since we have a couple of graduates working for donations at the marathon.

I really don't remember when I became obsessed with lists. Probably when I was a teen and they gave us long lists for camp etc. I really dug having everything written out for me telling me what to do, bring, prepare, etc. Took all the thinking out of it and just let me be really obsessive compulsive!

After moving to Costa Rica I decided to do away with lists. I need to exercise my brain and try to actually remember things and think about them. That is fine until I get nervous or excited, at which time I need the thrill of the list to get me going!

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