Thursday, September 24, 2009


Yeah it finally started raining again. We were getting so worried. The guy at the fruit stand told hubby that they were looking at drought because of the lack of rain. The food is always going up at an alarming rate. Like I have said prices have doubled since we moved here three years ago.

There are more than drought problems with no rain. There is the problem of no electricity. Once we get to the end of dry season, around March or April we will start having rolling blackouts. If we watched the news we would know when they are coming, but we always miss the memo and get caught unawares.

One night baby and I were walking home in our old, rather scary neighborhood and all the sudden solid dark. I mean think about it, power out in the whole country! I just grabbed her hand and stood still for a minute to let my eyes adjust. Suddenly right in my ear I heard someone say "buenos noches mi amor". I immediately jumped out in front of a taxi and got in. There was even someone in it, but the driver let us in.

This year our Spanish will be better, we will have plenty of flashlights, and we will be ready!!!

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