Tuesday, March 24, 2009


One of my babies main reasons for going to school, is the uniform. She loves her uniform and I make sure that it is always ready and clean for her every day. On Friday the unthinkable happened. I had picked her up from school early and we were headed to meet her niece and hang out at the pool for the day. As usual we had to make a run for the bus. Once we were on we realized we had lost her blue jacket that matches her uniform!
Horror of horrors. She was so angry at me for dropping the jacket. Forget the fact that I had my backpack, and a bag with her swimming toys and towels, I had dropped the jacket. Well we have lived here in Costa Rica for two and a half years and immediately wrote off seeing that little jacket ever again.
There is the problem here of things getting swallowed up by the earth the minute they hit the dirt. Of course it was a size 6 jacket, and it had her name in it, and we were only three blocks from the school, we still wrote it off.
Monday she had to do the unthinkable and wear an orange sweater to school. Talk about mortified! She was taking it off before we hit the door to the school and handing it to me to take home. She would not be caught dead in an orange jacket instead of the uniform blue.
I tried to talk her into taking the jacket with her, because frankly it did not tie easily around my waist while I went for my morning run!
As we were walking to her classroom the janitor lady called to me and told me that someone had found the lost blue jacket. We walked over to the classroom and her teacher came out with none other than the lost blue jacket. My daughter was euphoric, and I was frankly shocked.
I realized at that time that I had truly lost my faith in mankind! I actually believed there was not another good person in the world who would actually take out of their time to take our little lost jacket back to the school and turn it in! You know once in awhile these days, you need a reality check like this to remind us that there are a heck of a lot of really good, decent, honest and cool people around. Sure made my week :)
(Tomorrow I will write about the neighborhood meeting that we have to attend because of the fact there have been 10 armed robberies in 15 days in our barrio, or neighborhood:( )

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