Thursday, March 12, 2009


So I had the biggest, and I mean biggest and bestest surprise of my whole life. My son in the above photo surprised me and showed up for pizza tonight! My kids managed to keep it from me from the past week and a half.
Even my grand daughter knew, they say even the dog knew, but not me and the hubby. I kind of did a cross between a scream and a cry when he started banging on the gate.
My daughter pretended her and her hubby were going out to dinner so I kept the kids. The younger sis was supposed to babysit and skipped off with the boyfriend. I was just done yelling at her and making her apologize to her sis. when someone banged on the gate. I ran out because we were all inside and no one else should be there.
There was the tallest guy in all of Costa Rica holding three pizzas, looking like he had had a very long flight.
I have been feeling a little blue because it has been one year this month since we saw Micah free, so this really cheered and lifted my heart. I give a big thank you and lots of love to my son, and other children for making this happen.

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