Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Sometimes I feel as if I live two different lives. There is the life that I blog about on this site, but there is my other life that I blog about on my sons blog, I do lots better when I just have to talk about the day to day events on my hotmoms site. That is the side of me that I wish I was still living all of the time.
Unfortunately there is the other life that I have to deal with on a daily basis. Being the mother of an inmate is not something I ever dreamed or should I say had nightmares about in my lifetime. You just never expect something like this to happen to your family.
In reading a couple of books that I have been reading lately I am realizing we will never go back to the old life we have lived in the past. As the book says we are living another kind of normal. Now our family vacations will be planned around Micahs' birthday and visiting with him wherever he may be incarcerated. We spent his 18th birthday visiting him through the glass of coconino county jail. This year we are already budgeting and planning for our month long trip to the U.S. to see Micah. We will be allowed special visiting time because we are from out of state. I am just so excited to be able to touch and hug him.
Sometimes when I think that my son has not had a kind touch for eight months it breaks my heart. Maybe it is the Mom in me and a little bit of the massage therapist and just a plain old person that realizes we all need touch. Sometimes I wonder if part of the reason they fight in prison so much is just to get someone to touch them, without worrying about the other weird side of things.
These and many other things go through my mind a hundred times a day. We do not know what will happen to Micah, or when but we continue praying and hoping for the best outcome for our son.
As well as try to keep our faith and survive this "different kind of normal".

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