Monday, March 30, 2009


Today we visited Pura Vida Spa for a field trip. One of the many perks of owning a massage school! It is a beautiful spa located in the hills above Alajeulah. We wanted to introduce the students to a spa, and let them see how it works there.
I have never worked in a spa, and neither has Rick, so this is the next best thing. The spa coordinator was wonderful and we got a great tour of the grounds as well as getting all the students questions answered.
The coordinator was very curious if any of the students were staying as they can always use more hands during high season. From the looks of the schedule the therapists there were pretty busy this time of year.
Right now it is high season, because of course it is dry and very warm. A great way to thaw out from the snow and cold of the north country.
The tricky part was getting the baby girl from school. It was so convenient when my daughter lived down the street. Now we had to have the tall one take the bus up, pick up his sis, and take a cab back to his sisters house. Sound confusing? It was and took some thinking to come up with, thank you very much. Years of juggling and getting kids picked up almost on time, most of the time have gotten us to this point.
Of course there were times, ok many times, when kids got left places. Like the time the artist son was left sleeping on the pew at church! That will teach him to sleep in church for sure. He seemed to be the one left the most. He kept a sketch book with him at all times and has become a very good artist over the years of waiting to be picked up.

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