Saturday, March 14, 2009


We received the following post on a group site here in Costa Rica. Don't know if it means anything, but sure can't hurt to be prepared. Since we had two more earthquakes this week I think we should really get our ducks in order!

"Do not hesitate to share; everyone I told has been deeply grateful!
Please forward to folks worldwide.
Print for neighbors/local stores, etc."
Food and supplies for 3 months
It is suggested to buy now, prior to the end of March, everything you need in your home. Please tell your family, friends worldwide, and neighbors. Hopefully it won't be needed, then you will have little shopping to do for those 3 months. But this way, if banks close, and worldwide commerce slows or stops, in 3 months it will resume. If we all have this, there won't be an emergency. Leave your orders for bulk foods with your local grocer.
dehydrated mashed potatoes
dried beans, lentils, garbanzos, split peas
Vegetable and olive oil
Powdered milk
canned tuna, sardines, salmon
Cookies and crackers
Detergent and dish soap
Plant and save seeds from your fruit and veges. Buy seeds and plant an indoor/outdoor salad garden, zuchini and cucumbers, peppers.Spanish version/ print for local stores/ neighbors. If they have food, they won't come knocking at your door!

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