Tuesday, March 3, 2009


My baby with her baby! My my how quickly they grow up, or think they are grown up should I say! Seems like just yesterday I was taking her to school at the Montesorri school and waiting in the long line of parents to pick her up. I just got back from walking my other baby to school and was contrasting the two babies.
The line waiting to drop off at the Montessori school were a bunch of Volvos, SUV's, and every other nice car you can think of. Fast forward to dropping off baby baby. All of us are walking quickly to make it the one half or one quarter mile to school in time. Of course there are a few scooter moms and beater car moms, but for the most part we are all walking moms.
All the moms stand outside the gate until that baby is safely inside the classroom, even though the school used to be a military barracks and they can't get out at all! Before the day when Costa Rica still had a military it was one of their posts. When Costa Rica did away with their military they turned all the military buildings into schools. There are a lot of schools.
It kind of reminds me of the bumper sticker about spending all the money the U.S spends on bombs and war on schools. Now that would be a novel thought and one that would surely be a true change for the Obama band.
But back to babies and school. My big baby was in the fourth grade before she went to school. We had been homeschooling and were all about done with it. So she went to fourth grade and Micah went to seventh, at the Montessori middle school. Looking back I probably would have put Micah in sooner and baby in later. He was very ready for all the kids, and challenges of school, she was not.
Of course when we found out the next year, in her fifth grade that she could not see at all out of her right eye it explained a lot of things. Like why she hated reading and playing ball! She still hates those things and still can't see out of her right eye, but she moves at her own speed with her school work and by the time she is 25 should be done with high school!
You know here in Costa Rica there is no shame in that. In Latin America in general being held back is no big deal. You just keep trying until you get it and when you do you are done. If you get to be an adult in the meantime you just attend the evening classes, no shame at all. I guess she is getting a bit Tica after all. Maybe she will take off when her baby sister catches up with her :)

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