Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Vice President Biden was in Costa Rica Sunday and Monday. Yesterday when we were returning from our field trip there was all kinds of crazy security around the airport. I find it kind of funny because probably ninety percent of the Ticos did not care or even know he was here, and the other ten percent would just be pissed off by all the congestion his being here caused in traffic.
If he only knew how much nobody cared if he was here or not he would not have had to bring his own limo from the States. That's right he had his limo flown down with him, can't leave home without them you know.
He stayed Sunday night in the Marriott hotel in Belen. I do have to admit the guy has good taste. Me and hubby stayed there two years ago on our 28th anniversary. That was the first day hubby arrived to stay in Costa Rica. I had already been here nine months and we had been visiting each other every three months. It was good to be together again as a family.
Not only that but there was of course the miracle that we were celebrating our 28th anniversary! I find every one of them even more miraculous. The saddest part is it never gets easier. Oh sure some things get easier, but about that time some new difficult situation arises for you to deal with , it never ends to be sure.
Back to Vice Pres. Biden though. Actually I can't think of anything nice to say so I will end it there.

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