Monday, March 16, 2009


You know the law, the one that says when it rains it pours? We are in one of those places right now and I must say it is much funner to blog when things are better. Our computer died so I am using my daughters' itsy bitsy one. It works good, just hard to type on.
Then my hubby broke his glasses over the weekend so is walking around blind until Thurs. I just hope he does not walk in front of a car, because he does that anyway even when he can see.
Of course there are the costs of having a family member in jail. Lots of hidden costs they don't tell you about before you sign up by the way. Like the fact that everytime someone puts money on your account they take a percentage of it. And like everytime you make a fifty dollar payment, which is minimum for phone calls, they take six of it for fees. You would think losing your freedom and contact with your loved ones is punishment enough, but some greedy guys evidently do not think it is enough.
Just think about all the families with not enough money to talk to their inmate, that is sad. I am just really thankful we can talk to our special inmate finally, took awhile but we can talk now.
It does seem from talking to others we are not the only ones having a hard time right now. And I do have to admit we have a heck of a lot to be thankful at the same time. Just to name one is seven healthy kids and five healthy grandkids. Those are the things you would not trade anything in the world for.
It's just Dad, or grandpa can't see them :)

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