Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I got lucky enough to hang out with the grandkids today. They have been great, not going to set that in stone yet as I'm still here. The baby actually went to sleep with no complaint and Loca girl is chillin and watching tunes. As you can see by looking she could be getting into lots of trouble so I am counting my blessings.
We only had to have three people call, send an email, and write on both white boards to remind the hubby to pick up our baby at school! I thought he was forgetful in our younger years and man it just keeps going. I am going to have to pin a note to his shirt with his name and phone and directions home on it :)
In three months we will be celebrating our 30th anniversary and it is surely a miracle. When we were getting ready to be married, I was all of 17 and he was 23, our friends and family had so much faith in our marriage they had placed bets on how long we would last. That in and of itself kept us going long enough to fall in love and grow up a little bit.
Actually strike the growing up part, that still has not really happened. You know when you are young and you go to your parents for advice and wisdom? I still do that actually. But I was thinking today how when my kids ask my advice I usually have no clue what to say. I have lots of experience but do not really know how to advise a right or wrong way to do anything. I guess that verifys the adage the older I get the less I know.
Happy Saint Patricks day to all and we are still trying to explain to our baby that you pinch people who don't have green on, not the ones who do have green on. Maybe next year. It is not a big holiday here in Costa Rica, but the biggy, Semana Santa is coming right up and will be a fun one. Everything and I mean everything is shut down for the week and it is like a ghost town here. I hear it is madness at the beach so have avoided the crowds there.

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Book Lover Lisa said...

They are so cute. What an adorable, mischevious smile.