Monday, March 2, 2009


I think my Spanish is doing better. I actually walked up to the bank with my tupperware lady and was able to understand her pretty good. Of course it was a pretty simple conversation, she asked how much a massage cost at the school. I told her it was free right now because the students were needing practise. I was even able to set up an appointment for her to come in and pay for my tupperware, not too shabby.

When we moved here everyone told us we would get it real quickly. Well that is pretty funny and the source of great jokes now. When people ask how long we have been here and find out it is more than two years they just shake their heads.

My argument is that if all I had to do was learn Spanish, yes I would have it down. If I was a student of Spanish rather than a student of life here yes I would have it down.

For now I am just happy that I can shop at the store, and tell people off in Spanish :)

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