Friday, March 20, 2009


We are back to the pool again. After taking a year off of the pool while Bekah had baby and he got old enough to enjoy the pool we are back. They even still remember us at the pool. The lady at the front desk commented on how much my grand daughter looked like her dad with her bangs cut.
I guess a half Honduran family, a Gringo family with a Cheena baby, and a son who is about two meters tall is not something that is quickly forgotten. That can be a good thing or it can be a bad thing.
The bad part is when they ask me why I have not learned Spanish yet! The good thing is they trust us and know we are not just here to try and take advantage and leave. That happens quite frequently and they keep an eye out for that type of expat.
When we go to the pool it is amazing to see so many gringos there. I keep forgetting it is high season and am surprised to see so many kids travelling here to Costa Rica for spring break I assume.
My son who moved here one week ago already has two jobs and is looking for an apartment. He loves it here and is pretty sure he will be staying for awhile. He did get a round-trip ticket and will be travelling back to the states to collect his stuff and return. He will be working at a couple of call centers. The starting wages there are much more than the average wage of 2.00 per hour here.
Part of the reason so many people want to learn english here is so that they can get jobs in the call centers. It boosts the whole economy and helps improve the standard of living as a whole here in Central America.
My goal in teaching everyone in the country English is because it is too hard for me to learn to speak Spanish!

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Book Lover Lisa said...

Wow, that looks so nice. Especially since it is snowing here. Jared says he does not think he will be able to handle another winter here. That is what we both said last year, but our nice cool summers help us to forget the six+ months of winter. I guess your family would definitely be memorable.