Saturday, March 7, 2009


I have always had very unmanigable hair. I take that back, from the time I went through puberty I have had unmanageable hair. when Rick and I were dating he tried to "style" my hair one time. He quickly learned that it was impossible.
Well low and behold I have finally found a hair style that works for me. DREADLOCKS!
I met a girl about two years ago with dreads and I really liked them. Then Micah kept talking about getting them and I told hiim he was crazy because you can't wash them.
Once I finally did the research and found that yes you could wash them, and basically all you did was quit combing your hair I was sold. I never really combed my hair anyway because it did not good.
My biggest fan is Breyssi, because now Grandma has hair like hers, Loca!


Anonymous said...

Well, of course you look fabulous!!!

Mrs. Organic said...

A friend of mine did that and she alsways had the cutest head wraps. Rock on! And thanks for the dinner idea.