Friday, March 27, 2009


This is how I caught Dad putting baby to sleep! The plan is he is supposed to read her a story and put her to sleep. The plan according to her? She lets him read until he falls asleep and then she sneaks off to watch tunes!
It is bad when the kids get smarter than us. This at five, fifteen is going to be a real picnic especially at the rate the hearing, site and memory are going.
Yesterday she brought home from school a paper for us to fill out about her health. They had questions like, "did you have good prenatal care, when did she lift her head, when did she first respond to people" you know the usual questions.
In a way I hate it when we get those. It always proves to remind me that I don't know anything about her family or her health history. I really don't know if her biological mom was healthy, starved, or what her health was. Judging by her health now though I would say that her Mom was very healthy and took good care of herself.
She has never been sick or even had problems with her teeth, other than her brother knocking one out on the trampoline. Over all perfect health in other words.
Finally after looking over all the questions I just wrote that she was adopted from China at 13 months and we had no health history on her. I told them she is just perfect and gets along well with everyone and has no health problems.
That was really pushing my Spanish vocabulary. My older daughter suggested I write up a whole story based on the info we got on her referral, so I think I will put that together. I think it is important for her to have some sort of story about her first year of life on earth.
We do know where she was born, where she spent her first year, not specifics of course, but the rough outline and we can go from there. After all we all need a story right?

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