Thursday, March 19, 2009


We have a very big problem. We have tons and I mean tons of mosquitos. No one even likes to come to our house in the evening anymore because they are so darn bad. They seem to come from somewhere in the evening and hang out all night. We sleep with mosquito nets, so they don't bother us when we sleep. But it sure is hot to have to wrap up in a blanket when you are watching a movie and it is 80 degrees!
We don't seem to have them outside so I think they have built a nest somewhere in our house. The real problem here is that we have dengue fever in Costa Rica and I really don't want to catch that. It is not so much a problem here as it is on the coast, but it has been seen here so we really need to get to the nest of this problem.
I will be having the hubby crawl up in the attic this weekend to see if there is something going on up there. He did find a bunch of the critters in a pile of duffle bags on the back porch, but did not seem like the mass we are getting. I guess this is the making of some research time.
Thank goodness for google, I will get to the heart of this problem soon, or get eaten alive trying.

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