Saturday, February 28, 2009


It is so hard to believe that five years ago tonight we were having a wedding! It was snowing like crazy in Flagstaff and we were wondering where the heck my future son-in-law was at! At the moment we had no clue that in four short months he would be deported to Hondurus and a very long and trying nightmare would begin for their small family.

He was deported for missing a trial hearing with INS at their office when he first came into the country five years earlier. My daughter had just found out she was pg and they had been married for four months when he got picked up. All the myths you hear about well if they are married, or if they have kids, or if they have been productive citizens for five years, none of that mattered.

Because he had a false social sec card to pay taxes, yes to pay taxes, he has a lifetime ban from the U.S. They can never live in the U.S ever again. They have gone through all the paperwork and lots of money only to be denied again and again. Very difficult.

The good news is they now have two lovely children, good jobs and a wonderful life here in Costa Rica. And you know what? They don't deport people here who have families :) You can check out her blog at If anyone has questions about deportation they are the people to ask about it.

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Costa Rica Baby! said...

Congratulations on 5 years!

I imagine with your tough situation, the rest of your marriage will be a piece of cake!

Your kids are adorable!