Wednesday, April 1, 2009


This may not have been the best day to get out the body fat measurers. My son the baker made the above bread this afternoon at the house. He just showed up and proceeded straight to the kitchen and made this amazing cinamon bread. He is like I said a baker and it really is not fair.
Anyway after he made bread and hubby made a cholestrol soaked dinner, because he is still confused and is eating more instead of less high cholestrol foods, the kids decided to check body fat.
Being a personal trainer of course I have all the fun gadgets around the house so they went ahead and measured. I will just share a couple of them. My daughters boyfriend was about 5%, my son the baker, the same. I tried to talk him into a picture of his stomach but he refused :(
He will walk all over town with no shirt on, but gets camera shy all the sudden. So me, my daughter and my hubby just skipped. We pretty much know our body fat %.
When I was training big time, and had just finished an ironman my body fat was about 18%. I guess after six pregnancies I should not be too bummed about that. Especially since the average for women my age is about 28%. So I will continue to fight.
At times I decide I am old enough to stop running, watching what I eat, and working out. I have all kinds of good excuses to just give into the flab. But dang it I can't do it! My vanity gets the best of me and I have to work on it.
I don't know if it is really vanity, I mean for heavens sake I have dreadlocks, but it is certainly something. Maybe some sort of competitiveness with something or someone. Now if that was the case it would make sense, I do have a little of that in my nature.

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