Saturday, April 25, 2009


Yahoo, up to one hour run time. Of course in Arizona it is sooo much easier here to run with the flats and no one trying to harm me with their car. Not even dogs chasing me so I probably don't run quite as fast for sure. I kind of miss the adrenelin rush of running Costa Rica though.
There is nothing quite like wondering if the car coming straight at you is trying to avoid a pot hole or if they are really intent on taking out a gringa.
Or the husky dog sniffing around the trash who looks up when you are running toward him. Like is he going to chase you down or not?
Then of course there are the hills that are everywhere and I don't mean little hills, I mean big ole' hills that kick your booty.
If it sounds like I am homesick, it is because I am! I have only been here a week and already I miss my family, my home and all the quirks that go with living abroad.
Yesterday I was looking at a picture of my baby and wishing I was there to brush her hair and give her a big hug. She did a sleepover with big sis last night so I'm sure Mom is the farthest thing from her mind.
The good news is Mom is home and no more sister sitting for awhile. I just hope I did not miss too much going on under my nose while on my watch.
My artist is headed down to see me next week and then home. Can't wait.

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