Monday, April 13, 2009


I know this little guy is having fun, but then again he always has fun! I have not blogged for a few days because I have not been having fun, and don't really like to pass that along to anyone. It is like the flu or the chicken pox, better to stay home, eat soup and get over it than to pass it along! I am doing a little better today, but will try to stay positive and not be a downer.
There are enough of those going around for the whole bunch of us to be sure. I can tell I have been watching the news too much, this is the way I tend to feel. Just so frustrating to watch what they are doing with our country.
I am an expat, but have always considered myself an aimiable expat. However I find those aimiable feelings fast fading. Really it began years ago when my son-in-law was deported and has gone quickly down hill ever since.
There are still great things about the U.S., but when I see how hard my kids living there have to work just to eat and live it makes me angry. Sixty cents of every dollar they earn is going to taxes, over half! They can barely eat, but they are expected to pay for silly programs, and even other people who don't or won't work to eat. It is a program gone sadly awry and I hope the Americans can take it back.
When I am here looking in it looks soooo much worse I'm sure. But I wonder if the reason it does not look so bad to those living there is because of the frog in the boiling water deal. They are still able to eek out a living so are hesitant to rock the boat so to speak.
One thing I wish and that is that I was going to be there on Wed. to share in the Tea Parties going on all over the country. It is way overdue and hopefully not too late.
Sorry I kind of let the negativity monster rear his ugly head, but I think it can be positive. We can all make a change by some little way. They said if you could not take part in a rally then at noon honk your horn three time. Shoot, no car! Oh well I will try to get a car to honk at me :)

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