Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I received a message from a friend today that it is snowing in Flagstaff. I remember those spring days when it would snow and I would want to cry. When we decided it was time to open our massage school we knew we wanted to move somewhere that had no snow.
As we tell people we moved South until we found a place we could afford to live and ended up in Costa Rica. I am having second thoughts though as food prices continue to climb here. We spent almost one hundred dollars on groceries and the three of us could carry them in in one trip.
That is how I measure how much food we buy. If we can get them in in one trip it is not too good. I can remember when the kids were young and we would get the whole suburban filled in the back for two hundred dollars.
That would last us for two weeks. Now if I spend two hundred for the four of us, it would last maybe ten days two weeks if we really watch it. So my question is what are people eating these days? How is everyone affording to eat all the expensive stuff?
We eat very basic, I mean pasta, beans, rice, vegees and everything from scratch and still have to really stretch things. We hardly even buy cheese and the good stuff anymore. The tipico cheese here is ok, but sometimes we just crave some good ole' cheddar cheese.

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Book Lover Lisa said...

Yup, we've got two inches on the ground, and more coming for the next couple of days. Makes me want to join you down there. As for cheese, we are getting WIC, which gives us five pounds of cheese for the month, and then Jared buys shredded cheddar in bulk from work. But it is so expensive we didn't buy it at all before we had WIC.