Thursday, April 2, 2009


This is the P.E. uniform that took us a month to track down, and buy. It all started when we missed the first Friday of school. Here in Costa Rica the kids have P.E. one day a week. That is the day their school has P.E. and I was not there so I missed seeing everyone wearing different clothes. I'm sure it is somewhere in my notes home, but they are very difficult for me to read and I may have missed that memo.
After missing the first Friday we showed up for the second one and said uh-oh, everyone has on different clothes than yours. Imagine you are in pre-kinder and everyone is dressed differently than you, oh yeah and they all speak a different language already.
So Hubby picked her up that day and asked when she was supposed to wear the suit and where to get it. She told him she had some uniforms and asked if he needed one. He only half understood her and told her no thanks my wife will take care of it.
The following week I started the "search". We walked all over downtown on Thurs. with no luck, they said we had to buy them in our town. I called a friend and asked her if she knew where in town to buy them. She said don't worry about it she had her daughters old one and would bring it by that day.
About six that evening I called her and she had not been able to find it. She did tell us where the store was that we could find it, so we were getting warmer. The problem was the next day she had to go for her third P.E. day with a different suit.
When I dropped her off the teacher asked me if I wanted a suit for her since she had one! She told me she had asked my hubby but he said no thanks. I said we difinately would appreciate one. When I picked her up from school she had a t-shirt but they were out of the shorts and socks.
The following week we were finally able to get to the store to get her the rest of her suit. The problem, they did not have her size in shorts. So here you see a size six girl in a size eight pants. I told her it looks cool because she looks like a basketball player like her brother.
The biggest and best part of the whole outfit? The tie shoes that she learned to tie by herself the first week of school. My baby is growing up too fast!

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Book Lover Lisa said...

And here I thought that it would simplify things if my kids wore uniforms to school. Apparently not so much. She looks so cute in that suit.

OK, so you are going to think that I am as big a flake as my mother, but I just have this thing about mailling things. It dosen't get done. Jared laughed when I was called to send out birthday cards in Relief society. Things just sit here waiting to get mailed. Anyhow, no, I have not mailed the dog book. But this will give you a chance to request anything else I have reviewed on my blog. If it looked interesting I would be happy to send it to you, since I got them for free in the first place. Seriously. I was going to tell you this before, any books that you want I will be happy to send.

I guess Jared didn't write a newsletter yet. I'll ask him if he wants me to do it, since I usually am the one who does.