Thursday, April 23, 2009


I receive the morning news from a.m. Costa Rica. This morning front page was about a Dutch guy over on Nicoya, near Samara who was robbed and murdered in his house, protecting his wife! He has lived here for over 20 years and probably felt pretty safe over there.
It appears they were drug people, they seem to be taking over the neighborhood on the coasts. I hope it takes awhile for them to spread to the Valley as I pretty much like it here :) Also Nicoya is supposed to be a really beautiful place and the druggies should have to stay in the ugly places! Don't really know of any of those here in Costa Rica but I'm sure we could set up some for them.
They did mention in the article there was another forced entry in Samara a week or so ago. That is a pretty place also, we visited there last year. The problem with all the robberies is in who is going to want to visit the beaches if the robberies continue? If people don't feel safe they are not going to vacation there.
That is pretty much what happened to the Caribean side, people not quite feeling safe there. We have always felt safe when we visit Puerto Viejo, but we don't mind people trying to sell us drugs all the time. We have never had a problem telling them no and they leave us alone.
Of course we always have the baby with us and here they do respect that, usually! Crazy goings on down South for sure.

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