Monday, April 27, 2009


So here I sit feeling a very strong feeling of deja vu. I was in a very similar situation this time last year. I had flown down to visit hubby in Osa Peninsula where he was teaching yoga and doing massage for a few weeks. While I was there a hurricane, the first in 30 years to be exact blew in and wreaked havoc. I ended up stuck there a couple of extra days because the flights were shut down.

Two years ago hubby and I were in Jamaica celebrating 28 years of wedded bliss. We were getting ready to board our flight home and the guy driving the stairs ran into our plane! Too much ganga for you buddy. So we got a complimentary night stay and left the next day.

Now there is the "Swine Flu". I really like Az. I really like visiting my family here. And I am totally enjoying the break. But man oh man I am very homesick and will be very disappointed if I do not get to go home when planned. Seems it is getting to be a habit with me of getting stranded places. The amazing thing is that I will fly anywhere at all.

I read a book today about a lady that traveled to China to accompany a friend who was adopting a baby. When the friend got the baby she decided she did not want her. So long story, actually it was a pretty short story, but story short she ended up with the little girl!

The thing was while I was reading it brought back all the memories of our adoption process and the places we went while in China and the things we saw and I missed my baby sooooo much. When she got to church yesterday she asked her big sis where mom was. For some reason she thought I was going to be home by then. Thank goodness we get to talk several times a day on the phone. I miss her and her big sis for sure!

In the meantime lets hope they do not start grounding flights and freaking out. I will be very sad.

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