Monday, April 20, 2009


My grand daughter finally talked her parents into letting her get a school uniform, of course that also meant she got to go to school! She started matricula today. Her mother said she was sooo scared she would not even let go of her leg. I know how she is though and am sure she was having a blast before the day was over. You can certainly see the mischief in her little sweet eyes! Just don't turn your back too long.
So just when I thought I had things pretty well figured out I got another shocker today. My hubby went to attend my daughters what I read as parent teacher conference, and lo and behold it was not to be. I did not understand the note and what it actually said was that she would be getting special attention after school on Mondays for half an hour.
When I was young that was called "special ed" and I am very much having a problem with that. I tell myself just calm down she does not speak Spanish and they are working with her. I just have problems with my child being singled out, with six others by the way for special attention.
This is why I always end up homeschooling. I refuse to let my kids be labled and now I have a decision to make. Am I willing to spend at least two hours a day working with my daughter, who is very smart and needs lots of challenges, or will I keep her in school? This is going to be a tough choice.
My hubby has always been for school. We seldom argue, ha ha ha, but when we do it is usually about this topic. Now he is the one throwing a fit about his daughter being in special class. We will see what he decides about it.


Rick said...

Muy guapa chica!!!

Anonymous said...

hey I read your story and I think you should relax and not freak out