Thursday, April 9, 2009


Did you know that Costa Rica is at war? A drug war that is, and it is heating up and getting pretty nasty down here. Apparently the war in Mexico and Columbia is kind of just spreading to all Central and South America and we are smack dab in the middle.
The government here is doing what they can amid all the drug lords, cartels and just downright dirty officials, but they really can only do so much.
So last week four armed "bad guys" overpowered some guards in Golfito at a police station. In the police station there were several hundred kilos of cocaine. The bad guys took all the cocaine that the police had confiscated and vamosed!
Pretty ugly and embarrassing to say the least. So last news was they are trying to round these guys up and reconfiscate the cocaine.
Yesterday in the newspaper was the article about the fire in Puntarenus. This time it was again very well orchestrated and organized. That is when it gets scary, when they get organized. At any rate they burned 15 ships up that were in port there. They were narcotic coast guard ships and now they aren't.
Getting a little scary ha? The thing is it makes me think of another band that once they were entrenched in the land they were heck to get out. The Gadianton Robbers were very much like these drug cartels we are trying to get out of our land.
They move into a country, infest it and just basically take over. They are very powerful and very hard to get rid of. Like they told them in the BOM, it is much easier to not let them move in than it is to get rid of them once they set up.
It is just amazing how many people they have bought off, and taken control of just to sell their drugs and spread their evil over all lands. BUMMER!


Anonymous said...

The only way to stop the drug war is to legalize drugs. Tax them, regulate them. This takes the obscene profits out of it and "drug lords" are no longer interested. They'd have to find something else illegal to sell on a black market. (Guns come to mind... better keep those legal!)

Obscene profits can be liberally spread around, particularly in a poor developing nation. Public employees make $400-$500/month max... would someone take a few thou to look the other way?

Anonymous said...

3 problems
The cops are gutless and afraid to blow someones brains out.....or maybe said perps are family ?
The judges don't have anywhere to stick the dirtbags so they are immediately released.
The Ticos have no courage to report anything due to the previous 2 problems.

Costa Rica is a developing nation...developing into another Honduras.