Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I am so enjoying the beautiful summer days we are having. Really we don't have anything such as winter, spring, fall or summer, but we do pretend. What we do have is dry and wet season. Last week we got a full day of rain and were hoping against hope that it was not the premature begining of wet season. I need just a little more dry to get the moisture out of my system before I am ready to dive in once again, literally.
Costa Rica is enjoying the week of "Holy Week" such as none other. I am amazed and awed by their true devotion and religious observance. OK that is pretty sarcastic as "Holy Week" is really just an excuse for a really long party. The good part is it is also dry week. The stores cannot and do not sell alcohol and the bars are closed from tomorrow night until Sat. I'm sure it helps cut down on driving accidents over the holiday.
The country is of course suffering from the global economic crisis just like the rest of the world, which means more people are staying home. In the alDia paper today hubby read an article about how more families are staying home and just hanging out with each other. Others told that they were using their credit cards and heading to the beach anyway.
I do hope they look into their "crystal ball", the U.S. and take a lesson about using the credit so easily. When I go to the grocery store here now it is just like back in the states, everyone uses the cards. I am like the only one using colones! Slowing up the line and all you know.
At least it is great to see families hanging out again. We are looking forward to the long weekend, actually our lives are one long weekend, but at least everyone else will be off work :) The girlies will do the egg thing Sun at Sises house and we will all eat, of coures. The good thing is they do not have the commercialized candy thing going on here for Easter. Can't find it, kind of like trying to get alcohol this time, aint gonna happen! Saves pounds for sure.

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Book Lover Lisa said...

You still don't miss the snow, huh. Jared said he didn't think he would ever come to that point either. I think I would, but I grew up in the snow.

Sounds like nice times. I wish there was no easter candy here. Every year I say we will not do candy for easter, and yet I just went and bought plastic eggs and sugar. Maybe next year.