Friday, April 3, 2009


I am really excited about our graduation today, and not just because we got to eat at Inka Grill, Costa Ricas' primo Peruvian food eatery. Though that was a huge plus for the whole experience to be sure :) No actually what made the day extra special was the fact that there is one more massage therapist in our family now! She made it! I mean barely as she had 7 student massages to complete this time last week, but she slid under the wire and completed her work. As she has two clients already she should be able to pay off her student loan pretty quickly ;)

We were also very happy to graduate our other student who had his clinic hours completed two weeks ago and was able to skate throught he last two weeks. He is very excited to be done and off on his next adventure to Corocova Natl park and then off the Nica. We wish him well and tons of success on his life adventure.
I told both of them this was a huge step and a very life changing one. I know when I completed massage school it certainly changed my life as well as that of my family. No more payday to payday with hubbys checks. We were able to take vacations, and enjoy the joy of eating something besides beans and rice for the first time in many years.
Being a massage therapist has been a great job, as well as learning experience for me as well as hubby. I learned how to run a business, how to pay taxes, how to budget my own money as well as try to learn to say "no". All in all I have to say my choice to be a massage therapist was a great one that I am thankful for everyday.
I do hope they enjoy the success we have enjoyed with our massage careers and have a heck of a ride on the way!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats all around! Maybe one day I'll have lunch with you all at Inka Grill! Have fun in Nica - xoxo