Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I just had to say that! Today is my Moms birthday and I came all the way to the U.S. and I am not spending her birthday with her! Better than that I am able to sister sit for a few days so she can get a much needed break to the beach. She is spending the week with a couple of brothers hanging out at Hilton Head and chillin.
When my mom was 26 she was widowed with four kids under 8. My dad died in two hours from a brain aneurysm. He was 32 and like I said they had four kids. My older brother was 8, I was 6, and one younger brother 3 one 6 months. Try to wrap your head around that kind of trial for a few minutes! I can't even imagine something like that. But it made Mom tough.
Not tough like mean tough, just tough like stand your ground never let anything get you down tough. Three years ago when she was 65 she graduated from NAU with a bachelors in counseling. It took about 10 years but she completed it. While she was working on it she was also nursing my step-dad who was dying of cancer, and actually passed away while she was finishing up her degree.
Oh and did I mention she also has five other kids from my step-dad? Now when you sign up for 9 kids you can pretty much count on just about every trial known to man to be sure.
You can imagine who I call when I am down in the dumps and feeling sorry for myself and my lot in life. She can talk to me and put things in perspective like no one else in the world. And of course it only takes a couple of days of walking in her shoes so to speak to realize I do not have it too bad after all.
She is one woman who when the going gets tough she gets more faithful! That has always amazed me that she just gets stronger with trials instead of letting them pull her under.
I guess if I would aspire to anything spiritual in my life it would be to be more like my Mom! Happy Birthday Mom if you ever get time to read this!

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