Friday, April 10, 2009


Happy Good Friday to all. I don't know if that is the way to say it or not, but at any rate hope everyone enjoyed the day and had real spring weather. We were remembering all the cold snowy Easters' we spent in Flagstaff. Taking the kids out when the wind was blowing about a hundred miles an hour for their forced hunt.
One year we decided to do the money eggs. So I had one egg with a $20.00 in it, a couple with $10.oo, s in it and some with $5.00,s and $1.00 bills. The amazing thing was the "tall one" found all the money eggs. Now how the heck did he do that? There were actually a couple of ones left but that was all.
A few days later, once everyone had forgotten about the incident he finally admitted how he had done it. He had found the eggs before I hid them, emptied them, and just said he found all the ones with the money in them. Pretty sneaky and he about got flogged good for that one.
You can certainly understand why I have hired him to be our business manager for our school :) I feel like I have been given an extra hand with him managing the web site and all the business issues, wonderful.
To celebrate Good Friday we (meaning me and sort of the girlies) made these super cool eggs! I bet you are trying to figure out how the heck we made these aren't you? Well they are literally "tye died". That is right we wrapped them in old silk ties from the thrift store and boiled them for 20 minutes. Aren't they beautiful?
You can see we were able to get two eggs from each tie, and we were just amazed. Try it out, just put 2 Tbls. of vinegar in with a pot of boiling water and boil them up. Oh yeah after you wrap the egg in the tie and put a twisty tie on it, wrap it again in a old white fabric to keep the ties from bleeding.
I was explaining to my son-in-law that I was wrapping them in white to keep them from "bleeding" and the girlies got very horrified expressions on their faces. It took awhile to explain that one for sure!

Then because we still had not had enough fun or mess we decided to make the little birdies nest below. The recipe called for a bag of white chocolate chips, yeah right we are lucky to find brown chocolate chips, so I bought white chocolate chunks. Then of course it called for sweetened coconut and that is another "can't find" here. So we kind of ab libbed and they turned out pretty cute.
The only sticky point came when I told my grand daughter that she had to put all the jelly beans in the nests, boy that was a little bit testy there. It was a fun activity for them though and they taste very sweet and rich.
Now off to the pool tomorrow and hopefully the girlies will be able to wait until Sunday to find their eggs and eat their bird nests!


Costa Rica Baby! said...

Those eggs are so beautiful!!!! Where did you get that idea?

I'm posting it on my blog and I'll link to yours...if that is o.k.

I can't believe your son took all the money ahead of time. Glad you can turn his ingenious mind into a benefit for you. Sweet!

Book Lover Lisa said...

Those eggs are so super cool. We will have to try it some time. Which reminds me, we didn't color eggs yet. Better get it done today. We are off to an easter egg hunt put on by the city this morning. And yes it will probably be windy and cold. But at least it isn't suppossed to snow. Last year there was still a foot of snow on the ground, and we just had to scatter the eggs across the snow. Going to the pool sounds much nicer. Mabye we'll join you instead. : )