Sunday, April 5, 2009


Did you know my daughter was "mother of the year"? I didn't think you knew that, because you don't read the Costa Rica newspapers, but sure enough she is. Then again maybe it did not make it to the newspaper, but we all know the truth and that is what matters ha?
As you can see she loves to cook and is very good at it. My favorite things she makes are the enchiladads from Hondurus. They are amazing and very good. I also love her cookies and her chicken and potato dishes. All in all I love her cooking. She is trying to quit eating, but it is hard when you cook so good.
Besides being the "mother of the year" she is the "running partner of the year". She will do our long run with me on Saturday at any time. She has been good enough to wait until six in the evening before and will even go at six in the morning. We are training for the Tamarindo Marathon in August and she is great about keeping me on task.
She is also an awesome sister. She is good about keeping her sisters to task and making sure I know what is going on. She remembers things I don't about being young and can remind me when I forget what it was like to be young. She is also awesome to take in her brothers and help them get on their feet here in Costa Rica.
I think the frosting on the cake is the fact that she is just an all around awesome daughter. She is my best friend and I am constantly amazed at how smart and on the ball she is. She is also my business partner and is great about teaching Mom how to run a business.
After the things she has been through, with hubby being deported, major health issues as a baby, as well as job hassles, she has handled with grace and courage. She is an inspiration to me and I hope you are lucky enough to meet her some day and be inspired by her as well.


Rebekah Inestroza said...

Wow! thanks for such a great nomination!!! I would argue that because personally I think that MY mother deserves the mother of the year spot, but since it is already taken I will have to say that she is Grandmother of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That Girl in Brazil said...

She sounds like a keeper. ;o)

Lovely tribute -