Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I'm not sure if the dentist was harder on baby or dad! He was ready to jump out the window when they gave her the shot of novacaine. The thing is she has to have someone holding both hands, and of course her leg if there are enough people. She usually has pretty good teeth, but a couple of molars have rebelled against the worms she loves so dearly.
Costa Rica is still great on the dental bills though. For her total visit, the temp filling and cleaning and prep for the filling was ten bucks, can't beat that. It is funny because she will not even speak to the dentist now. When we walk in he says "Hola, como estas?" She just walks right on by and climbs up in the chair.
He did decide he would let the pediatric specialist handle the baby root canal and filling for the big cavern of a cavity. The good news is she will be able to eat her favorite again, apples!

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