Friday, April 17, 2009


We have always felt relatively safe here in our little town in the mountains. My daughters' boyfriend just got a call on his cell phone that his ex-girlfriends current boyfriend just got robbed, beat up and shot right down the road from us. They ran out the door and just called to report.
It appears the kid was just walking down the road and the guys pulled up and robbed him. Knowing him he probably mouthed off and they shot him twice. He is dead.
Now it is getting a little close to home, as in about one hundred meters from our corner. In fact I run down that road every morning on my way home from the track. I would go take pictures, but the streets are packed with people mourning as well as just plain old freaking out.
I will get some pics tomorrow of the street so you can see how busy it is and how close to home it is. We have tried to keep our fingers on the pulse of things so that we would know when it was getting too dangerous to stay here. Not going out of our house after dark is not an option.
Of course as my son who just moved here from Vegas keeps reminding us there are many places in Vegas that he will not go alone at night either. Maybe just the world is getting pretty crazy to be sure.
I just wonder how hard the police here will even try to find these kids. At the neighborhood meeting they told us to try their office if we had any problems, and if no one answered try the next two neighborhoods over. They sure did not do this kid much good!

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