Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This is just a shout out to my younger bro. I have not experienced divorce, but want to offer him my support and love at this time in his life. It is weird that I still turn into the protective big sister when something happens to my bros.

He is awesome and I know he is tough and will handle the next few months like a trooper. After seeing him in a bike race you would see what I mean about tough.

This guy is so cool. He put himself through med school 10 years ago and is just the best pediatrition in all of Texas. In the meantime he was also an awesome bike racer and now he has graduated into car racer.

Not to mention he is just a darn nice guy and is very generous. Thanks to him and his impecible taste in clothes all his younger and one older brother dress darn nice. When we all get together they all joke that they look like they walked out of his closet! He's also just a blast to hang out with and keeps us all crackin up with his stories.

Families are great and I am sure thankful for 7 brothers and 1 sister that support and hang in there with me through my trials. I know when I need it they are always there for me. One of my brothers is a pilot and last week gave up a buddy pass so my hubby could go to a conference he really wanted to go to in LA. But he did not stop there, he put him up at his house when he did not catch his flight not only going but coming back. It was so cool of him.

Last May my pilot bro donated another pass so that I could attend the graduation of another bro from med school. The above bro hooded him and it was so cool to be there with my bros. We were all there except one younger and my sister.
There are lots of hats to wear daughter, sister, wife, mother, and grandma. I would have to say that sister is one of the best and I am very thankful to be one!

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Anonymous said...

hey! I enjoyed this post a lot!!!I am thankful for my brothers as well (even though they don't have any cool hookups to offer lol) I think in big families when it comes down to it everyone is there in the end.