Monday, January 26, 2009


Can you tell who has the chopsticks in the genes? Isn't it amazing, we don't eat with chopsticks at home, but when Maleah gets a pair she eats like an old pro with them. Breyssi on the other hand has a bit of a struggle with them. She barely eats with a fork though so not a problem. We enjoyed celebrating New Years at our favorite Chinese restaurant Tin Ho, in downtown San Jose, it was great as always and surprisingly not busy at all.

This year will be the year of the Ox, oh yeah! Obama is not the only Ox around you know. There a few more of us worker Oxes around trying to keep the world alive and kicking. It looks to be a good year for the Ox in general, and especially financially woo hoo! Thousands of years of Chinese astrology can't be too wrong can it?

We do want to wish one and all a great Chinese New Year and best wishes for a good hard working Ox year to all. You know hard work is like the trade mark of the Ox which would explain why Obama keeps suggesting all of us should just work a little harder :)

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